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My year in pictures – part 3

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Whoops. I forgot about this post. [Part 1 and 2 here]

Now where were we?

June baboon. My first full marathon in KL. Didn’t do too bad I suppose, though we were more like tourists as we stopped ever so often to take photos! It was a nice getaway too (if you don’t count the limping and the fact that I couldn’t climb the stairs after the race without wincing.)

July – I graduated, like finally.

Still July -Went to KL with friends to watch Manchester United vs Malaysia. Went with the intention to support Man U (hence the jerseys), ended up cheering for Malaysia, hehe.

No photos in August, but it was an important month nonetheless because I started work!

Selamat Hari Raya September! (and apparently-straighter hair, hee)

My first ever Halloween in October! I went as Strawberry Shortcake, hee! And I made my gigantic bow by myself! *proud*

November we celebrated Erfen’s birthday! Amongst other things, we had the most natural, easygoing party at a coffeeshop in Selegie!

And now we come to December. December, you have stolen my heart.

Date days and date nights.

The tri-racial best girls 🙂

New friends!

The long-time-coming christmas gatherings.

And the most awesome ever Sekret Santa party.

2009 has been so so wonderful.

Funny that I didn’t think that the year was so great until I finished this post. Looking back at the photos reminded me of what had happened during the year, the people I met, the things I did, the emotions I felt. Scary to think that I could easily have forgotten those things if I hadn’t looked at the photos!

Hmm.. Maybe I won’t push my luck by asking for a spanking NYE. (though it would be very much appreciated!) 😛

Here’s to 2010, I’m excited for what you may bring.

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December 31, 2009 at 3:40 am

old books don’t freak me out

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I love 2nd hand book sales. So so much.

I went shopping today, bought some stuff for my friends and then I chanced upon a most awesome book sale. I initially went past the shop, thinking that I had no time to look for the good books, but somehow I changed my mind soon after and doubled back to the store.

I’m glad I did, they had such a delightful range of really good books in the Literature section. Being the Lit geek that I am, I went crazy and wanted to buy quite a number of books, but in the end whittled it down to 7 books (yep, I had originally wanted to get more than 7 books).

It was real cheap though, I only paid $39 for everything. And that included a really good copy of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time which cost $10, which I bought for Erfendi (along with Roald Dahl’s The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar).

They also had many Roald Dahl books, I picked up The Witches and The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr Willie Wonka, complete with illustrations from Quentin Blake, which really make the books come alive and are incomplete without them.

At night we played scrabble. I lost terribly, but it was a good game nonetheless! You can tell that we went a bit overboard with the longish words, which don’t necessarily score very high.

Here come the photos!

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December 27, 2009 at 6:11 am

when you just know

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Christmas this year was about coffeeshops.

This was at Jalan Kayu, our brunch. Prata kosong, prata telur and teh halia were the orders of the day.

Sporty garb was because of gym in the morning.

Next on the itinerary: the National Museum!

I love the tiles here. Somehow I never appreciated their beauty during those school days when I walked on those very same tiles day in and day out for classes, trying to walk as fast as I could to get to the next crossing in time for the green man.

As luck would have had it however, the exhibition we wanted to go to (something about egypt) had already closed by the time we got there! Bummer, but we still managed to see some free exhibits and take photos.

There was a cool “old bags” exhibition going on that I rather enjoyed, despite its small size. Must visit for people who have an appreciation for old-school retro nostalgia. Spot the yaohan!

We managed to check out the food galleries too, pretty cool to learn about our Singapore street food and their origins! But unfortunately we couldn’t finish it because we were chased out at closing time.

Dinner was at Al-Jilani. Maggi goreng and teh o ice limau for me. There was a bit of a kerfuffle because my maggi goreng was tasteless, but the uncle changed it so all’s well that ends well.

If you’re keeping count, that’s coffeeshop #2.

Coffee shop #3 was near my house, our friend pi came out to play as well and we had teh and talked like old uncles at the coffeeshop till 1am.

Lovely lovely day.

There are some days when you wake up, and you just know it is going to be a beautiful day.

Today was one such day for me.

Plus, we had a visit from one of our cat friends!

He is too cute! Did you know that I have a weakness for cross-eyed cats?

That was my christmas! Well now I can’t seem to sleep, I think it must be because of the tea that I drank, but I’m still in a good mood from earlier so I’m happy!

Here’s wishing you an awesome christmas and happy holidays! Hope you had a great one!

My year in pictures – part 2

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Tonight me and Erfen made potato salad for his company party tomorrow. It was nice!

I won’t lie, I licked the spoon! 😛

Recipe and photo taken from Smitten Kitchen. Make it today!

Yesterday Erfen said that I should have written more than just about January, but hey, I was tired! Today i’m tired too, but I am off from work from today onwards till January so there’s plenty of time to sleep in!

So let’s continue what I started. (Part 1 is here)

February was all about re-adjusting to life back in Singapore and meeting friends.

March seems like a slow month, I could barely find a decent photo!

But thank God for friends like Shermeen who captures our entire lives on film! Looking through her photos, I suddenly remembered that we had our first flea market stall in March at SAM! Awesome fun, though the heat was a real bitch.


The only photo I could find in April is this -I guess I made prawn pasta?

Magical May – my birthday!

One of my presents. He didn’t last so long though!

Many things happened in June, so I think I shall save that for the next post.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve – we’re going to the beach to celebrate! I’m gonna buy a Scrabble set, wanted to do it since forever but kept putting it off. I’m excited!!

I leave you with this final photo, my current favourite, I heart it so much! Taken by the talented Caili.

Pretty picnic.

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December 24, 2009 at 12:44 am

2009 in pictures – part 1

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Yesterday I could barely sleep because my beds has yucky bedbugs. They have been plaguing my home since the beginning of the year! We’ve called the pestman several times (They are really called “Pestman”!), and the bugs usually lay low for a bit, and then they just come back. It’s December now, and just when I thought I could get some decent sleep, they decide to make a comeback!

Well, I guess I just have to forget them for a while and think of something positive.

Like December happiness!!

I was inspired by Elsie Cake from A Beautiful Mess to do a sort of recap of the year in pictures…well I don’t have many photos but we’ll see if I can come up with something nice!

Let’s see, let’s see…January

London in January. Now, NYE in London sounds good in theory…but in practice left much to be desired. This is me and my friend Vid, pretending to be at the most happening party ever. Haha! But the company more than made up for it, I had an unforgettable new year’s eve indeed! Please take note of my incredibly fat fingers, bottom left.

Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been?

I’ve been to London to visit the Queen.

Ok, so we didn’t manage to visit the Queen(she was out! maybe for a spot of tea or shopping at Harrods or something?), but we managed to take cheesy pictures with the guards! I really love their furry hats. But I was mighty disappointed that they weren’t wearing their red uniforms! The blue uniforms just don’t cut it for me!

And I just had to put this in. Me singing “When you say nothing at all” at Nottinghill station. I look terrible in the photo, but I was really very very thrilled! 🙂

Me and Betti in her hometown near Vienna. This photo makes me so happy because we had been talking about going back to her home to see her family but we almost didn’t manage to, luckily one of the weekends before I left Europe we finally went and it was so so so pretty! I love Betti so much, she is such an amazing person and I can’t wait for her to come to Singapore so I could treat her as well as she treated me when I was staying in Vienna. This is us on a frozen lake, too bad we didn’t bring ice skates or we could have been ice princesses!

So that was my January. I’m kinda tired now, think i shall take my leave and get some needed shut-eye. 2 days to Christmas and 1 day to my break from work!

I am happy happy happy, are you? I hope you are!

pokerface, new dress

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Big shoulders, yay or nay?

Dress from uniiko boutique.

I’ve been too scared to wear this out cos it’s so boomz, you know?

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December 19, 2009 at 12:43 pm

towards a happy state

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What shall I write about?

We went for our friend Kai Hong’s wedding on Sunday, it was really nice! Afterwards we headed to Loof for drinks, it was great to catch up with everyone.

It was quite nice to play dress-up, I realise that I don’t go to too many wedding dinners so I don’t have many wedding dinner-appropriate garb! I’m wearing a new dress I bought from Runway Bandit, it’s really lovely but it’s made of some clingy material that is not too good for girls who are middle-heavy like me. But I still like it, so go figure! (whoo a pun)

More weddings coming up in January so yes, I am stressing about what to wear!

Yesterday after work I had dinner with sherms at Cedele (yum!). They have absolutely lovely cakes and we were planning to share a cake after our main course but true to form, we didn’t have much space after our meal! So much for having a separate stomach for dessert eh?

In other news, me and sherms are stressing about Secret Santa. We’re doing SS with some of our favourite girls and it’s such a lovely concept but our dear melly aka Miss Greenlaundry made us stressed with her stressing. Melly!!

After dinner we went to Rochor Road Beancurd to meet lovely Jac who’s back from London and dear Shal as well.

Feeling happier this month, compared to other months. December, you’re magical.

Looking forward to the weekend, breakfast with my meowie, catching a play, dinner with a new friend, all that on Saturday and the Haji Lane flea market on Sunday! Happy mappy!