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What shall I write about?

We went for our friend Kai Hong’s wedding on Sunday, it was really nice! Afterwards we headed to Loof for drinks, it was great to catch up with everyone.

It was quite nice to play dress-up, I realise that I don’t go to too many wedding dinners so I don’t have many wedding dinner-appropriate garb! I’m wearing a new dress I bought from Runway Bandit, it’s really lovely but it’s made of some clingy material that is not too good for girls who are middle-heavy like me. But I still like it, so go figure! (whoo a pun)

More weddings coming up in January so yes, I am stressing about what to wear!

Yesterday after work I had dinner with sherms at Cedele (yum!). They have absolutely lovely cakes and we were planning to share a cake after our main course but true to form, we didn’t have much space after our meal! So much for having a separate stomach for dessert eh?

In other news, me and sherms are stressing about Secret Santa. We’re doing SS with some of our favourite girls and it’s such a lovely concept but our dear melly aka Miss Greenlaundry made us stressed with her stressing. Melly!!

After dinner we went to Rochor Road Beancurd to meet lovely Jac who’s back from London and dear Shal as well.

Feeling happier this month, compared to other months. December, you’re magical.

Looking forward to the weekend, breakfast with my meowie, catching a play, dinner with a new friend, all that on Saturday and the Haji Lane flea market on Sunday! Happy mappy!


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  1. hahahah, nabbylove, the posts make me realise december has secretly been one long nab-sherms marathon. And i enjoyed every popeye-chicken licking, picnic umbrella-sharing, flea-ing, mrt-train bitching, tau huay/cedele/sushi.tei/cold storage minute of it.

    to an even better 2010! or to not be greedy… even status quo would be so so fine.


    December 23, 2009 at 12:11 am

  2. Hahah shermie yes! Status quo or better in 2010! Sounds like a politician’s rallying cry, hehe.


    December 25, 2009 at 4:26 pm

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