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2009 in pictures – part 1

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Yesterday I could barely sleep because my beds has yucky bedbugs. They have been plaguing my home since the beginning of the year! We’ve called the pestman several times (They are really called “Pestman”!), and the bugs usually lay low for a bit, and then they just come back. It’s December now, and just when I thought I could get some decent sleep, they decide to make a comeback!

Well, I guess I just have to forget them for a while and think of something positive.

Like December happiness!!

I was inspired by Elsie Cake from A Beautiful Mess to do a sort of recap of the year in pictures…well I don’t have many photos but we’ll see if I can come up with something nice!

Let’s see, let’s see…January

London in January. Now, NYE in London sounds good in theory…but in practice left much to be desired. This is me and my friend Vid, pretending to be at the most happening party ever. Haha! But the company more than made up for it, I had an unforgettable new year’s eve indeed! Please take note of my incredibly fat fingers, bottom left.

Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been?

I’ve been to London to visit the Queen.

Ok, so we didn’t manage to visit the Queen(she was out! maybe for a spot of tea or shopping at Harrods or something?), but we managed to take cheesy pictures with the guards! I really love their furry hats. But I was mighty disappointed that they weren’t wearing their red uniforms! The blue uniforms just don’t cut it for me!

And I just had to put this in. Me singing “When you say nothing at all” at Nottinghill station. I look terrible in the photo, but I was really very very thrilled! 🙂

Me and Betti in her hometown near Vienna. This photo makes me so happy because we had been talking about going back to her home to see her family but we almost didn’t manage to, luckily one of the weekends before I left Europe we finally went and it was so so so pretty! I love Betti so much, she is such an amazing person and I can’t wait for her to come to Singapore so I could treat her as well as she treated me when I was staying in Vienna. This is us on a frozen lake, too bad we didn’t bring ice skates or we could have been ice princesses!

So that was my January. I’m kinda tired now, think i shall take my leave and get some needed shut-eye. 2 days to Christmas and 1 day to my break from work!

I am happy happy happy, are you? I hope you are!

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