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My year in pictures – part 2

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Tonight me and Erfen made potato salad for his company party tomorrow. It was nice!

I won’t lie, I licked the spoon! šŸ˜›

Recipe and photo taken from Smitten Kitchen. Make it today!

Yesterday Erfen said that I should have written more than just about January, but hey, I was tired! Today i’m tired too, but I am off from work from today onwards till January so there’s plenty of time to sleep in!

So let’s continue what I started. (Part 1 is here)

February was all about re-adjusting to life back in Singapore and meeting friends.

March seems like a slow month, I could barely find a decent photo!

But thank God for friends like Shermeen who captures our entire lives on film! Looking through her photos, I suddenly remembered that we had our first flea market stall in March at SAM! Awesome fun, though the heat was a real bitch.


The only photo I could find in April is this -I guess I made prawn pasta?

Magical May – my birthday!

One of my presents. He didn’t last so long though!

Many things happened in June, so I think I shall save that for the next post.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve – we’re going to the beach to celebrate! I’m gonna buy a Scrabble set, wanted to do it since forever but kept putting it off. I’m excited!!

I leave you with this final photo, my current favourite, I heart it so much! Taken by the talented Caili.

Pretty picnic.


Written by Nabilah

December 24, 2009 at 12:44 am

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