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I had one of those weekends where at first I think, I’m just going to be staying at home and watching tv, generally wasting my weekend away and then something happens and it’s suddenly madcap and full of adventure.

On Saturday we went to Arab Street for dinner and while enjoying the hummus and chicken kebab, we got a call from erfen’s sister who tells us that she was giving us 2 tickets for a sneak peak of Universal Studios, which had just opened in Singapore.

Of course we said yes! And so we had an amazingly awesome Sunday. Photos below!

Sunny-side up!

We’re obsessed with being number one when it comes to parking. Ichi ban!

The perennial breakfast.

Being arty with the lemon tea.

Nothing says happiness like a jump!

you just can’t help the silly photos!

happy birthday brother!

my favourite – I love shrek!

The rides in Far Far Away wasn’t great, but I loved the movie characters!

Man, I love them peanut butter cups, don’t you?


And lastly, the regulars.

Phew! Hope you like the photos!

Overall the Universal Studios experience was above average – there are some truly scary rides, the staff did a commendable job of being positive and happy and we really felt happy being there, we even ran and sang and shouted like kids, it’s a bit like being in Disneyland!

The best ride was in Sci Fi City, two duelling rollercoaster rides which had the Battlestar Galactica theme. On one rollercoaster, we are supposed to be the “humans” and on the other we were robots called “cylon”, and the two rides would start at the same time and you could see your enemies zooming past you, there’s even a near collision!  Even the safety messages were different depending on which side you were on! Like for the humans, the message would be “remove your hat, glasses and loose objects before riding” and for the robots, it would be the robot’s visor, helmet and some weird robot accessories, etc. The sense of humour behind every part of the theme park was really impressive and made the experience authentic!

But I’m not sure if the $68 entrance fee would be worth it? There didn’t seem to be that many rides available. Hard to say though since we got in for free! 😀

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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