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I’m guest posting at fuzzygreenlights today! It’s my first time so I’ve been extremely nervous and stressed, eep. Special thanks to Faizlyana for giving me this awesome opportunity! (:

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June 29, 2010 at 3:05 pm

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life goes on, brah

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For some weird reason this song popped into my head.

The video (not the real music video but a mishmash of their music videos, outtakes and the Beatles movie I think) is just too awesome, I hope it makes you smile like how it made me smile!

Dancing in skis = full of win!

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June 28, 2010 at 10:43 am

i got too much love, running through my veins to go to waste

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Fantastic day today, we hit the museums and caught the Cats of the World exhibition and Underwater World at The Arts House and The Testament of Tebaran at the ACM.

I haven’t gotten my camera back so the iPhone had to do. I guess it ain’t too bad after all, though I’ve had to adjust the exposure to make up for the poor lighting.

Haven’t really been in the mood to take outfit shots cos I’ve been uninspired as of late, but we had beautiful weather and I had the most patient photographer who indulged me saying things like “maybe I can lie down on that staircase and you take my photo from above?” Things like that which sound ridiculous right now.

Btw, those are the Lucyd Acyd leggings I blogged about earlier. I do love them but they elicit the most non-discrete stares from people, I’m pretty sure I won’t be wearing these too often because sometimes you just wanna blend into the background, you know?

Good days like this need to be documented.

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Just a few photos that illustrate my current state of mind:

Via weheartit

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Via weheartit

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June 24, 2010 at 1:34 am

the audition/happy father’s day

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“Hello,” she said,

“I think you’re a tad early,”

“But that’s okay, they said it might happen this way.”

Man #1 straightened his tie (it was black) and pushed his spectacles up his nose.


it was just like hers.

He didn’t really need to try out for the part.

It seemed like he was born for the role,

and she, born for hers.

“I think we play our parts mighty well,” he said.

“I think so too, I’m glad we met.”

And then she smiled her secret smile.

“I don’t understand why you have to leave,”

“Did we not suit our roles so well?”

She bit her lip, she would not cry,

as he left and did not even wave goodbye.

Rather matter-of-factly, the ad said:

“Audition tomorrow,”

(like it was nothing at all.)

Man #2 had no tie,

no nose that was just like hers,

no glasses.

“He’ll do,” she thought,

“All it needs is some time.”

But she was young enough to believe,

and old enough to doubt.

And to know when it was time

for him to leave.

Man #3 came, even when there was no ad.

Even when she said,

“I’m sorry Man #3, I’m really not looking for anyone to play this role.”

But he stayed anyway.

They played their parts rather well enough,

(from the outside, at least.)

And when it came to the day he decided to go,

They parted in silence.

“I think it’s time to hang up my boots,”

“I can’t seem to find the right Man.”

She was not sad,

nor disappointed.

She knew that was just the way it was.

Not fault of hers, or his, or his,

Perhaps it was meant to be

a monologue.

“That’s life,” she thought.

She would not let

sad thoughts come and haunt her.

She raised her chin,

looked towards the door,

Behold, it was Man #4.

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June 21, 2010 at 11:20 pm

messing about

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These made me smile today:

Photos of me and my friends messing about when they surprised me with a birthday cake. Photos by sherms.

Oh and I was featured on Polkadotmonsters a few weeks back during their Stylo Milo Sundays! Heheh forgot to blog about it!

Happy Friday all! This weekend I’m looking forward to more World Cup matches (I watch it at the CC with erfen and many old uncles!), sleeping in, a spot of exercise and I’m going for a theatre course this Sunday as well! Excited!

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June 18, 2010 at 4:15 pm


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Just some photos taken on my (new!) iPhone:

Supper at our usual coffeeshop

Messy hair on the way to a wedding

Old school playground, boyfriend trying (unsuccessfully) to taunt a 3-year-old

Playing with the said 3-year-old

Yummy chendol cream at The Candlenut Kitchen (I used to think those green things were worms!)

Lunch at F.I.S.H., yummy!

Addicted to Angry Birds at Ion Orchard

The beauty of a camera phone is that you get to document almost every bit of your life and then be pleasantly surprised when you remember that you have these photos in your phone that you totally forgot about. Also, it makes you realise just how often you go the coffee shop down the road (about 3 times a week.)

The downside of a camera phone is that I don’t really see it as a camera and hence my photos have been pretty uninspiring. And I find myself thinking “Man, I need to bring my camera out” even though I have my iPhone. Does this happen to anyone else?

I had a fantastic week – met my friends, had a nice date where we went to Orchard for the first time in….years? I became a victim to the GSS too! Bought a new bag, ring, brooch, leggings and a knit crop top – so so happy, but so so broke!

Not I’m admiring my nude nails and waiting for erfen to come so that we can go for our Sunday supper. Prata here I come!

Have a great new week everyone – hope you got things to look forward to, God knows how much you need these things to tide yourself through the week sometimes!