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It may be dull and grey here in usually-sunny Singapore, but I’ve been rather obsessed with bright happy colours lately. I went a click-click-clicking and found some amazing gems. Really, how awesome are bright colours?

Really lovely photography by Carl Kleine. Wish my hairdryer blew out curls of rainbow air!

A 30-colour screen print from eelus – how difficult must it have been to make this?

The slums of Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro brought to life with art. Read more about the Favela Painting project here.

I’m inspired to do something similar to my bedroom walls!

Just about the best Glastonbury Festival ever, if reports are to be believed. Stunning photography by The Big Picture.

That’s an MGMT member in case you were wondering. How rad is his jacket??

And lastly, my favourite cat on the Internet, Moo! Color Me Katie is so lucky to have him!

Written by Nabilah

July 8, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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