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veggie may veggie might

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Couple of weeks ago, my friends and I found ourselves in the unexplored terrain that is the North of Singapore, or more specifically, Neo Tiew Road, where we had a truly fun afternoon at Bollywood Veggies.

We were celebrating our dear friend Shal’s birthday, and the yummy food made with ingredients all found on the farm, coupled with the amazing service by Dhillon Singh and the owner, Ivy Singh-Lim, truly made it a memorable experience for us. Dhillon even broke out the guitar to sing us (mostly old bluesy rock) songs. It’s just that kind of place, you know?

Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just serve vegetarian food (their philosophy is more of a sustainable farming type). In fact their Masala Burger was pretty damn good!

And yes, Ivy is one heck of a personality. Clad in her safari gear complete with at least one knife on her, she regaled us with stories about herself and how she fought her way to get the farm started. At one point while talking about what she would do to an unfaithful man, she brandished an unsheathed knife, much to the fear of one of our male friends and to the amusement of the rest of us.

I’d totally recommend that you go there for group outings! Due to the rainy weather there were not many people at the bistro that day and we were even treated to a mini tour of the garden where there were more herb and fruit plants than I can even remember.

We even got a glimpse of Ivy’s villa – she lives smack on the farmland and has a mini lake of sorts outside her house! The Great Danes are protecting her house and we heard that they have 20 more dogs guarding the farmland!

And some other photos from the day:

It was truly amazing, do visit if you have a chance!


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March 31, 2011 at 10:55 pm

youth is wasted on the young

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I find grandparents endlessly endearing and also some of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. This video of what happens when grandparents discover photobooth totally made my day (“Look at my nostrils!”)

Enjoy! 😀

Edit: Oh God I found the youtube video of the 2 funky grandma’s rocking it to Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling and now I can’t stop laughing!


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March 23, 2011 at 6:13 pm


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Am quite in love with these Dear June dreamcatcher-inspired necklaces. They make me think of the beach just before sunrise, full of a quiet kind of beauty reserved only for the special few that aren’t still in bed. Have not experienced that in quite a while, I do miss the beach in the mornings. Hope your week has been going well! I’ve been experiencing an overwhelming sense of restlessness lately. I think I need to focus on small little projects that will keep me going, simple things that will keep my boat sailing on a straight course. Do you have days like these sometimes? Today is definitely a Rachael Yamagata day for me.

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March 18, 2011 at 3:22 pm


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Untitled (Mott Street) by Alison Grippo (via 20×200)

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March 15, 2011 at 11:49 pm

its something like bleargh

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There is a sense of “I am in a box”.

The randomness, as a rule, follows no pattern known to man (or cat). It is there from the first thought: thoughts of breakfast and the curious tactility of the snooze button; silently reading tweets marked #prayforjapan and feeling guilty about being here where we should thank our lucky stars, yes all 5 of them; to getting a seat in the train on a Monday because it’s the school holidays (exit through the world’s number one airport); thoughts of “oh-God-I-need-coffee but I also need to check Instagram I just need to because who knows if people are liking my photos without me knowing”; composing WhatsApp messages with emoticons intentionally curated so that you don’t come off like some robot circa Isaac Asimov; reading the paper and feeling angry and thinking thoughts somewhat-slightly-quasi political in nature and then getting that paranoid android feeling like even your mind might have some CCTV-like thing so you better stop thinking, better to write them instead and pass them off as art, because lately it seems like that’s the safest place to say dangerous things, with permission of course (of course); conversations about dinner – anywhere is good, and yes no pork no lard is okay with me -; and to round it off, tie all the loose ends: think of your day and whether this has/has not (delete where appropriate) been a blip in your very short existence.

Why yes, it is that sort of Monday. How did you know?

ps: Here’s a link to the Singapore Red Cross, if you are in a position to help.

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March 14, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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A: We’re here, we’re here! Are you ready? Tadaaa!

B: Wow, it’s bigger than I imagined.

A: Nice right?

B: Needs a lot of work though.

A: What do you mean? You don’t like it?

B:  Well, not that I don’t like it per se, just that I thought it’d be different, I guess.

A: Different?

B: Yeah, different. Not the same, you know. It should lack that sense of… sameness.

A: (quiet)

B: Why, did I say something wrong?

A: No… Well… I don’t know. You seemed all excited when I first told you about it. Said it was a revolution and all that. An end to all that oppressive… angles that we’ve been subjected to all these years.

B: Yes, I remember. I was really excited about it. Circles, who would’ve thought? I guess it is rather… beautiful.

A: Isn’t it? Oh, I knew you’d come around! Now, I know it’s not perfect. It wasn’t easy to make you know. Why, I didn’t even know how to start at first! I tried asking the Elders, but they waved me away and acted as if I had asked them something absurd, like… like… gravity or something! I even went to the library and took a peek at the Great Book, but it was all lines and gibberish to me. Nothing about perfect circles. Not even under the letter “C” or even “P”, nothing at all.

B: Oh… I didn’t know you put so much work into it. I’m sorry I was harsh before. It’s just that, I guess I never saw anything like it before so I was… scared I guess. We’re so used to angles around here you know.

A: I know. Boy, don’t I know it. Triangles, rectangles, right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles…I remember the lines very well. Why, I bet they’re drilling it into babies who aren’t even born yet! Imagine, them still in their mother’s wombs, singing that stupid song!

B: You mustn’t say things like that. Anyway, I take back what I said. I love it. It’s beautiful. Just like you. Hey…hey…

A: What?

B: Has anyone ever told you that you’re acute?

A: Haha. Don’t start you’re cheesy lines on me…I’m serious now. I think we’re ready for a change. Yup, I’m ready for circles.

B: Aren’t you scared though?

A: Yes…No. I guess…I don’t know. I don’t know. But circles can’t be that bad right? I mean, they never end do they?

B: Yeah, they don’t. But I guess you can’t always ask for nice endings.


Image: weheartit

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March 13, 2011 at 10:27 pm

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good better vest

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Broke out the killer heels yesterday for Emily of Emerald Hill, which proved to be rather treacherous but oh so worth it, in the sartorial sense. The shoes I mean, not the play which was really amazing! This year I’m taking my love for shoes to new heights (see what I did there?), though I do wonder when they will invent a shoe that is not only high but comfy. Is that too much to ask for, Shoe God? And while I’m at it, why didn’t you give me nice dainty feet that don’t pinch in closed-toe heels and why instead did you curse me with an odd misshapen baby toe? Is there a podiatrist in the house? 😛

Anyway, have not done an outfit post for ages and suddenly it seemed a bit corny to pose for one. Erfen helped a lot though with on hindsight-funny directions like: “Look at the lift like as if there’s someone coming” or “Look at my elbow” or “Sit down” and me going: “But I’m sitting in the drain!”

Happy weekend all!

Shirt: Dear Sophea

Vest: Gifted by liy

Jeans: Uniqlo

Heels: Charles & Keith

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March 13, 2011 at 12:37 am