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live to eat

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Been a while since I posted videos here, I found this while surfing Thought Catalog which features some of the most brilliantly-written articles (You Should Date An Illiterate Girl) amidst some not-so-great ones (Realising Your Sister is Cooler Than You).

This video is something totally different. It’s called “Food Fight” and because I don’t want to spoil the surprise, do watch it and let me know what you think. If you’re a history buff, you are going to love it!


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June 22, 2011 at 3:00 pm

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youth is wasted on the young

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I find grandparents endlessly endearing and also some of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. This video of what happens when grandparents discover photobooth totally made my day (“Look at my nostrils!”)

Enjoy! šŸ˜€

Edit: Oh God I found the youtube video of the 2 funky grandma’s rocking it to Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling and now I can’t stop laughing!


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March 23, 2011 at 6:13 pm

merah pawana

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Hi all! You may not know but I’ve been involved in Malay theatre this year, I joined a youth theatre group called Mereka (“they” or “create” in Malay) and it’s been a real blast learning about different aspects of theatre. Mereka is a like the little sibling of Teater Ekamatra, which is an established Malay theatre group responsible for amazing productions like Nadirah and Bilik Ahmad Berdaki.

Next week, Teater Ekamatra will be putting up what is their grandest and most ambitious production to date. Merah Pawana is an outdoor production which marries the best of Malay music, dance and culture. It explores the idea of the Malay identity and portrays a time before Islam came to be closely associated with the culture.

I had the pleasure of catching the preview of Merah Pawana along with erfen and Musxzart and managed to record a short preview for you!

This was taken at their rehearsal venue but I can’t wait to catch it with all the set and costumes! Even the venue is deliberate, as Fort Canning houses the Iskandar Shah Shrine, believed to be the burial site of Raja Iskandar Shah, the last of five kings to rule Singapore in the 14th century. The venue was chosen to echo the sense of royalty and mythicism that the play is grounded upon.

Also, I took photos with the dancers hehehe.

I’m really looking forward to catching the production! It will be staged every night from 18-21 Nov at the Fort Canning Gate. You can get your tickets here.

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November 14, 2010 at 6:39 pm

LISTERINEĀ® Bloggers Dare: Week 5

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Do you guys remember the show Art Attack?

For those too young to remember, the host Neil Buchanan would teach kids all these cool art projects they could do with just everyday household items. I used to love the show and would try to make some of the art myself, though I was no Picasso.

The beauty of Art Attack is he would always say “It doesn’t have to be perfect!” which resonated with me even as a kid. The fact that the objective was in the experimentation, in the trying and failing and just having fun, I think I never stopped believing in those things.

I thought that it’d be a great idea to revisit a childhood favourite with a project of my own, INVISIBLE LETTERS.

Music credit: Salt Peanuts by The Quintet & Sleepy Tigers by Her Space Holiday

Psst: Our challenge this week was to make someone smile, and I hope my little tutorial managed to get you smiling! Thank you for all the positive comments about my videos and posts, I’ve been using the LISTERINE Bloggers Dare to take little steps towards a new, more creative direction for my blog and my life which I hope to be able to sustain – so all the support is greatly appreciated!

If you would like an INVISIBLE LETTER from me, just leave a comment with your email address and I’d be happy to make you one! (:

Second last week of the LISTERINE Bloggers Dare, phew it went by real quick!

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Do continue to vote for me here! Click here for my Week 1, 2, 3 and 4 posts!

LISTERINEĀ® Bloggers Dare: Week 4

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If you’ve been following my journey these past 4 weeks, you know that I’m always looking to have fun and this week’s no different!

This weekā€™s video: The Sweet Truth

Music credit: Lollipop byĀ  The Chordettes

If you can’t view the video on your iPhone, click here to watch it on Dailymotion.

Outtakes and funny stuff:

You can hear my awfully high-pitched voice in the outtakes video.

Why is it we always cringe when we listen to our own recorded voices?

Music credit: Woo Hoo by’s

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

I also kind of made a mistake when I read what we were supposed to do this week- turns out we just had to ask 10 people the same question! Instead, I asked 10 questions. Feeling a bit silly now!

If you like the videos, do share the links on your Facebook or your blog – it gives me 5 points every time you do! (let me know if you do so I can keep track) Every comment/RT on Twitter gives me 2 points šŸ™‚

We’re down to our last 2 weeks everyone! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has supported me, if I could I would hug every one of you! šŸ˜› Do keep on voting, commenting and reposting – I would appreciate it oh so very much! šŸ™‚

Also, do check out Sherms’ post on the behind the scenes look of the “Good Friend Hunting” photo story – she shares very candidly about her experience and it is worth a read!

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October 8, 2010 at 8:13 pm

life is beautiful

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Oh my, this video is not only stunning visually, but oh so beautiful once you get the full picture, so to speak.

I’m inspired.

(via polkadotmonsters)

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September 28, 2010 at 6:04 pm

LISTERINEĀ® Bloggers Dare: Week 1

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Hi all! I’m eating a Nutella sandwich and this should be, by all intents and purposes, a pretty normal day.

But it’s not!!! I’m gonna try something different today.

Phew! I don’t know how many of you will watch the video, but yes, I will be joining 5 other bloggers in the LISTERINEĀ® Bloggers Dare over the course of 6 weeks. (You can see my ugly mug on the website here – my hair looks rubbish!)

As with any challenge of this nature, there is a voting element and of course it’d be great if you guys could vote for me! Also one vote entitles you to a free sample of LISTERINEĀ® Total Care mouthwash! Personally I think it is a rather meaningful exercise because it’s like being given a chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do. I’m sure every one of us can relate to that, especially with our hectic Singaporean lives, eh?

Here’s how you can show your support for me:

1) Comment on my LISTERINEĀ® posts (at least 20 characters)Ā Ā  –Ā  2 points

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6) Vote for me on the LISTERINEĀ® Bloggers Dare websiteĀ  –Ā  No points, but they contribute to my final score

7) Read my postsĀ  –Ā  1 point

NOTE: I will continue to remain true to the blog and the chai+biskut spirit even as I participate in this challenge and normal posts will continue as per usual during the 6 weeks! Inevitably I will be talking about LISTERINEĀ® and the Total Care mouthwash once in a while, but I hope that you guys will be able to support me through this very new experience! (:

So as part of the adventure, we were scheduled dentist visits!

I absolutely HATE going to the dentist. In primary school the dentists were so horrible and I even remember one of them actually kind of spit into my mouth while she was giving me a check-up! Well not exactly spit, but as she was talking some of it did land into my mouth. Nasty!

So it was that I headed over to Q&M Dental Group at Novena Square, over 1 hour late as I had theatre practice before and had to rush down. Looking back I realise how dangerous it can be to make your dentist angry! (“When Dentists Attack!!”) Thankfully the dentist, Dr Ng, was very nice and he even reiterated that he never wants to make his patients feel pain! It was rather comforting.

All I need in this life of sin šŸ˜›

During the check-up, he performed this Gingivitis Test where he basically poked my gums with a metal needle thingy and the more places it bleeds, the higher your gingivitis index! It was kinda horrifying (and I won’t lie, rather painful) to see my gums bleeding and it turns out my gingivitis index is 75%! (In this case a high number is not good!)

Not photo of actual needle

I have to admit that I always thought I had healthy teeth because they are rather straight but little did I know the effects of my meagre oral care! Usually I just brush my teeth twice a day and….er, that’s it. But I was quickly informed by Dr Ng that I would have to brush AND floss AND use mouthwash in order to have good oral health. Hard work but I definitely think it’s one of those “don’t do it and you’ll regret” kinda things, no?

I’ve started using LISTERINEĀ® Total Care mouthwash everyday now, and like any new component in your life, you slowly get used to doing the extra step and I swear it makes my mouth feel cleaner at the end! (pinky swear, no BS!) I have to confess though that I’ve been a bit lazy at the flossing! Dr Ng I hope you’re not reading this!

So that’s my piece of exciting news! Do support me if you can – Visit the LISTERINEĀ® Bloggers Dare website and vote nabbycat! (:

Just curious though, if you were dared to take the first step towards a dream of yours, what would that dream be?

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September 17, 2010 at 9:30 pm