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picnic girl

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This made me teehee!

One of my favourite fashion bloggers, in her Halloween outfit.

I just love how Diana makes fashion not intimidating, and also, not about buying expensive brands. My favourites are her colourful outfits and how she manages to use everyday items (sometimes household items!) and weaves them into her outfit. Creativity FTW! (:

Credit: Diana Rikasari


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November 2, 2010 at 6:06 pm

downunder dress-up

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Hi lovelies! I wanted to blog earlier but my internet’s at home been super wonky so I couldn’t go online for a few days! Ughh but thank god it seems like I’ve managed to work around it.

So I’ve been looking at my Aussie photos and wondering how exactly to blog about them – so I’ve decided to take the safe route for now and present to you my outfits! I must say that it’s really fun to dress up when you’re on holiday, you can kinda throw caution to the wind and wear whatever you want.

Layered tank tops, jeggings from uniqlo, boots and my trusty green jacket. Hungry Jacks in the background which is their Burger King. We found this playground near the train station and decided to play on the swings!

Top from Supre, leather jacket from Benetton, tights, boots. Taken at the WWII memorial at King’s Park.

Tiger top from some random shop in Fremantle, green jacket from before, bandage leggings from lucydacyd, headband from diva, boots. I wore the tiger top to Caversham Farm, thinking that I might scare the animals, but as you can tell from the second photo, it was really the other way round!

Peterpan top from mama’s vintage (now defunct online store), jacket from Mango, leggings, boots. (That’s my mom!) Photo taken at Shoe Show, which stocks the highest, most bad-ass heels ever, which unfortunately I am not made for.

Mango military jacket, jeggings, combat boots from Rubi which I scored for AU$49.90. Photo taken at Sorrento Quay.

Still at Sorrento Quay, exactly the same outfit as before except with the addition of a hat I bought rather impulsively, hehe.

Black striped top from Valley Girls, inner white top from Topman, black skirt from stephie’s shop, headband from diva, pink tights, boots, green jacket. This was a rather out-there outfit that got me called “pocahontas” the whole day. Photo taken at the Cannington Sunday Market. The fries we bought from this snack shop was salty and greasy and just really perfect.

Black dress from lucydacyd, grey cardigan (a gift), belt from Supre, tights (gift), pink striped socks, boots. Photo taken at Riverview Drive on a ridiculously beautiful day.

And….that’s all! Phew! Now, to sort out all the other photos I took.

I collected my toy camera photos today, got a few nice ones which I love to share with you guys! Unfortunately my stepdad did not seem to like them, even after I tried explaining to him about the concept of toy and lomo cameras, sob.

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July 28, 2010 at 11:30 am

i got too much love, running through my veins to go to waste

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Fantastic day today, we hit the museums and caught the Cats of the World exhibition and Underwater World at The Arts House and The Testament of Tebaran at the ACM.

I haven’t gotten my camera back so the iPhone had to do. I guess it ain’t too bad after all, though I’ve had to adjust the exposure to make up for the poor lighting.

Haven’t really been in the mood to take outfit shots cos I’ve been uninspired as of late, but we had beautiful weather and I had the most patient photographer who indulged me saying things like “maybe I can lie down on that staircase and you take my photo from above?” Things like that which sound ridiculous right now.

Btw, those are the Lucyd Acyd leggings I blogged about earlier. I do love them but they elicit the most non-discrete stares from people, I’m pretty sure I won’t be wearing these too often because sometimes you just wanna blend into the background, you know?

Good days like this need to be documented.


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Seriously, is this girl gorgeous or what?

Nicole is the lovely owner of Gary Pepper Vintage, an Australian-based online ebay boutique that sells such pretty dresses and other clothes. It’s a one-woman operation, and pretty impressive for this petite lady who recently quit her job to do this full-time because of her love of vintage clothing. She models all her clothes, looks fabulous in all of them and rocks the red lipstick and oversized hair bow. I am in love with her blog and all her photos – and judging from the ones I’ve posted here, could you blame me?

Check out her shop if you’re so inclined, because it’s auctions-based the prices do tend to be high but if you fall in love with any of her pieces, I’d say why not bid for them? I did and I don’t ever regret my buy – a pretty vintage blue dress. Plus she responds to all your queries – she even offered to help me group together purchases so that I could save on shipment.

I congratulate Nicole on her success! She proves that with hard work, sincerity and a positive attitude, you can really achieve your dreams. She really inspires me, maybe you might be inspired too.

Here’s her wicked blog, be prepared to be floored.

heart in mouth

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Sorry, couldn’t help the title, well it is Saturday night!

Went for our friends Jason and Alex’s wedding today, it was great! Yummy food and I’m so full now, hence decided to blog before I went to sleep.

Whenever I go to a wedding, I get filled with this warm feeling of love and start thinking about my own wedding! Aww…I guess it’s inevitable given my age although I’m not getting hitched anytime soon!

A girl can dream…(and read about wedding blogs and look at photos of pretty brides and bridesmaid dresses and mentally select photos to use in the wedding photo montage and so on and so forth) you get the drift.

Here are some outfit shots I managed to take after coming home, I look stinky though.

Poofy-sleeve dress (worn as top) : nicolethen

Tiered skirt: Stephie’s shop

Magic bag: Fleamarket

Red shoes: Elle, my mom’s.

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January 31, 2010 at 2:27 am