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numbers/the madness of running long distance

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photo taken by my awesome brother who came to support us at 6am in the morning!

My 1st Singapore marathon and 1st night marathon.

My 2nd marathon ever.

My 3rd year of distance running.

My 4th medal.

Now to ask myself – what next?

And for the record, 42.195km in 6h, 10 mins, 50 secs. Not the best timing (first time was 5h, 50 mins) but I’m pretty darn proud of myself and erfen for finishing it even though we did not manage to train – the decision to run was literally made one week before! But they always say you need a streak of madness to run long-distance! My friends, including sherms and melly ran the 10K as well! So proud of everyone!


Written by Nabilah

June 1, 2010 at 3:30 am

intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings

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I had the most perfect, underrated Sunday.

Had an unexpected breakfast date with erfen at Old Town White Coffee and a short rendezvous at the beach after.

Met sherms for tea with a side of girly chat.

Went to the library by my lonesome and read a book about Salvador Dali (God, he has an excellent moustache!) The title of this post was a quote by him.

Borrowed 3 books and have resolved to learn how to watercolour this year (amongst other things).

Bought a lovely pink notebook to track my marathon training progress, which started this week.

Went for a nice long run to the beach. Two beaches in one day = yowza!

Came home, read abit and after this I shall make myself a cup of Baked Apple Tea from muji and read my new book, “Fashion Makers, Fashion Shapers”.

[note: having read 3 roald dahl books, 1 sherlock holmes book, 1 Kafka short story, a little bit of Alice in Wonderland and one Haruki Murakami, I have decided to take a hiatus from the fiction reading and explore a little non-fiction. Just saying, in case anyone was wondering.]

[another note: Just in case anyone thinks that my day sounds impossibly perfect,  I found out that one of my favourite white t-shirts is now an amazingly-ugly yellow after someone else’s washing boo-boo and my room is still in a mess. Again, just saying.]


[Last note, this one to self: This Ikea-bought, particleboard study table has got to go.]

Ta, all!