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Have been largely absent from this blog, twitter and the Internet in general.

So, please be to enjoy the following pictorials which I present as evidence of my existence:

Work desk.

Back to School theme at staff D&D.

Foam hearts and loves at Rock & Roots.

Singapore Biennale exhibits at National Museum during staff orientation.

Beauty in Black at the National Museum. A lovely, small exhibition.

Lunch dates.

A Robinson’s fashion show as part of Fashion Season Orchard.

An old school television set at the Malay Heritage Centre. Had one of those in my childhood home.

And lastly, a new furry friend in the neighbourhood.

Other random updates:

1) Straightened my hair again. Can’t decide if I like it yet because it pretty much looks like a flat broom at the mo’.

2) I pretty much know most of the words to Avril Lavigne’s songs, which makes me sort of embarrassed. Damn you, Avril for writing the most catchy songs!

3) Loysel’s Toy lemon tart is TO DIE FOR.

4) Made my first purchases on and am suffering from mild buyer’s remorse but am trying to tell myself that I made good, smart purchases.

5) Bali in 4 weeks whoo!


the art of the matter

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Went to Art Stage on Saturday and was really blown away by the artwork.

I never used to like contemporary art because I thought it was never beautiful in the way that classic art is (is it even called classic art?),  but I think it’s slowly growing on me. Most of all because contemporary art is very relevant to the issues we face today and makes you think about things…about equality and democracy and repression and free speech and femininity and sexuality and objectivity – heavy stuff, very in your face at times, but so interesting! Ah, don’t know if that made sense, I’m no academic, maybe I should take a class and learn more about this.

Alas, we tried to find the naked man but was told that he was no longer showing…geddit geddit showing? Heheh.

Beautiful bottles, there were whole walls of them.

Psychedelic! Wish I could have a floor like this.

Light effects.

Limbering grace?

Why, I’m contemplating a cactus, of course.

Presenting….Ah Ma!

Metal mechanical movement.

What do you mean we have unibrows?

The Catman

No, I don’t need help.

Eileen Chang, wish I knew you.

Showing some Asian hospitality.

On another note, I blogged about the Pompeii exhibition on, do give my first post a read if you could! Admission is free from now till it ends on Jan 23rd from Friday to Sunday, so go go go if you haven’t! And since, we’re at it, I guess this would be a perfect time to let you know officially that I’m working at the National Heritage Board now, so once in awhile I’ll talk about our exhibitions and museum events, hope that’ll be of interest to you! (:

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January 16, 2011 at 11:29 pm

when you just know

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Christmas this year was about coffeeshops.

This was at Jalan Kayu, our brunch. Prata kosong, prata telur and teh halia were the orders of the day.

Sporty garb was because of gym in the morning.

Next on the itinerary: the National Museum!

I love the tiles here. Somehow I never appreciated their beauty during those school days when I walked on those very same tiles day in and day out for classes, trying to walk as fast as I could to get to the next crossing in time for the green man.

As luck would have had it however, the exhibition we wanted to go to (something about egypt) had already closed by the time we got there! Bummer, but we still managed to see some free exhibits and take photos.

There was a cool “old bags” exhibition going on that I rather enjoyed, despite its small size. Must visit for people who have an appreciation for old-school retro nostalgia. Spot the yaohan!

We managed to check out the food galleries too, pretty cool to learn about our Singapore street food and their origins! But unfortunately we couldn’t finish it because we were chased out at closing time.

Dinner was at Al-Jilani. Maggi goreng and teh o ice limau for me. There was a bit of a kerfuffle because my maggi goreng was tasteless, but the uncle changed it so all’s well that ends well.

If you’re keeping count, that’s coffeeshop #2.

Coffee shop #3 was near my house, our friend pi came out to play as well and we had teh and talked like old uncles at the coffeeshop till 1am.

Lovely lovely day.

There are some days when you wake up, and you just know it is going to be a beautiful day.

Today was one such day for me.

Plus, we had a visit from one of our cat friends!

He is too cute! Did you know that I have a weakness for cross-eyed cats?

That was my christmas! Well now I can’t seem to sleep, I think it must be because of the tea that I drank, but I’m still in a good mood from earlier so I’m happy!

Here’s wishing you an awesome christmas and happy holidays! Hope you had a great one!