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intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings

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I had the most perfect, underrated Sunday.

Had an unexpected breakfast date with erfen at Old Town White Coffee and a short rendezvous at the beach after.

Met sherms for tea with a side of girly chat.

Went to the library by my lonesome and read a book about Salvador Dali (God, he has an excellent moustache!) The title of this post was a quote by him.

Borrowed 3 books and have resolved to learn how to watercolour this year (amongst other things).

Bought a lovely pink notebook to track my marathon training progress, which started this week.

Went for a nice long run to the beach. Two beaches in one day = yowza!

Came home, read abit and after this I shall make myself a cup of Baked Apple Tea from muji and read my new book, “Fashion Makers, Fashion Shapers”.

[note: having read 3 roald dahl books, 1 sherlock holmes book, 1 Kafka short story, a little bit of Alice in Wonderland and one Haruki Murakami, I have decided to take a hiatus from the fiction reading and explore a little non-fiction. Just saying, in case anyone was wondering.]

[another note: Just in case anyone thinks that my day sounds impossibly perfect,  I found out that one of my favourite white t-shirts is now an amazingly-ugly yellow after someone else’s washing boo-boo and my room is still in a mess. Again, just saying.]


[Last note, this one to self: This Ikea-bought, particleboard study table has got to go.]

Ta, all!