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Have not blogged in awhile! Issit a while or awhile? (My English has gone to the dogs ever since jc, sad.)

My dinner today consist of a cinnamon donut and a Japanese cheesecake. I love Japanese cheesecake with a vengeance.

In other news, I gave myself bangs!

I look kinda like this now:

I love my mac webcam!

If you think my hairstyle looks strange, it’s because I cut it myself. I maintain that it’s supposed to be an asymmetric haircut!

I quite like my bangs, except when it makes me look like this:

le fishball

In other news, we celebrated Sherms’  birthday last week at a chichi place called Rocks Urban Grill at The Sail @ Marina. Phew! What a long name! Happy birthday sherms!

Me, Mel, Shermsies

In other other news, our friend Juliane has gone back to Germany after being in Singapore for almost a year. We’ll miss you Juliane! The lucky girl is gonna be working in Paris! (Another excuse to go back there..he he he) This is us at Turkih Corner at Arab Street. We were at Fika before that but no pictures on my camera! Sobs. Fika is so nice. Farahanah joined us later, check out her awesome nails and awesome hair!

me (looking oily) and juliane

farah and sherms

On Sunday me and Erfen went to eat prata at Eunos and play frisbee at the beach. I so love spending Sundays with him like this, simple and lovely 🙂

Yesterday we watched Zombieland. It is a really really good comedy! This zom com genre is really becoming one of my favourites after watching Black Sheep, Shaun of the Dead and now Zombieland. Must watch I say!

Ok tis all. I should really blog more regularly instead of a marathon post like this! Oh well!

Written by Nabilah

December 9, 2009 at 8:35 pm

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