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Have been largely absent from this blog, twitter and the Internet in general.

So, please be to enjoy the following pictorials which I present as evidence of my existence:

Work desk.

Back to School theme at staff D&D.

Foam hearts and loves at Rock & Roots.

Singapore Biennale exhibits at National Museum during staff orientation.

Beauty in Black at the National Museum. A lovely, small exhibition.

Lunch dates.

A Robinson’s fashion show as part of Fashion Season Orchard.

An old school television set at the Malay Heritage Centre. Had one of those in my childhood home.

And lastly, a new furry friend in the neighbourhood.

Other random updates:

1) Straightened my hair again. Can’t decide if I like it yet because it pretty much looks like a flat broom at the mo’.

2) I pretty much know most of the words to Avril Lavigne’s songs, which makes me sort of embarrassed. Damn you, Avril for writing the most catchy songs!

3) Loysel’s Toy lemon tart is TO DIE FOR.

4) Made my first purchases on and am suffering from mild buyer’s remorse but am trying to tell myself that I made good, smart purchases.

5) Bali in 4 weeks whoo!



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The weather has been absolutely insufferable these past few days, hasn’t it? Days like this make me think of spending a lazy, languid day by the beach, enjoying a paddlepop and maybe a tall glass of lemonade. Legs crossed, almost fully but not quite firmly pressed against a picnic mat laid haphazardly in a prime location, toes happily touching sand. Why is it that the sun is only bearable when one is near the beach? Is it because one is immersed fully in the moment, worries and cares left behind with the mainland? Or the negative ions hanging deeply in the air, in your hair, asking your soul out for a whirl? Or is it that you are near the sea, the constant sea, which comes and goes with the weight of the moon, full of secrets buried deep? When you were young, did you build sandcastles with plastic buckets, filling and emptying, patting and perfecting? Did you build a moat to keep the dragons at bay (with a bridge reserved for a select few)? Did you draw your name in the sand and watch as a wave erased it hastily like a petulant lover would? Or did you stand and bravely wait as the wave came for you? The water evaporates, but the salt, it lingers for a while longer.

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April 19, 2011 at 9:41 pm

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pixie dreaming

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It’s the time of year to dream about Nadinoo. It’s a bit early but I’m looking for a perfect birthday outfit…last year I thought that I wanted to get something from Nadinoo but didn’t in the end, so maybe this might be the year? I just love the idea of clothing that’s made to order, and designer Nadia Izruna’s designs never fail to make me dream about pixies running in a field of flowers. Pretty ain’t it?

On another note, I didn’t receive any notifications from wordpress so I thought that no one commented on my previous blogpost. Was feeling kinda sad about it, but then I logged on today and so the comments, and I feel instantly cheered up and silly at the same time. When you’re feeling down, sometimes these small things can make such a world of difference. Thank you, dears.

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April 5, 2011 at 10:53 pm