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dream big

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Awesome photo of Denni

Today I will be going for my very first pilates class. I’m so excited! I even went out and bought new pilates pants (ok so maybe they’re just regular exercise pants) from Adidas with a new sports bra to boot! Is it weird that I get excited over buying sports gear? I might just go and buy more – I do think that they make me more motivated to work out more. Do you guys go for exercise classes too? I’m quite self-conscious so I don’t go for classes often. I’ve taken Salsa classes and even tried Muay Thai once but the class environment makes me very stressed for some reason! Hopefully it’ll be ok today!

On a separate note, I think our generation is gonna change Singapore, serious.

Happy Friday all! And if you’ve not seen this, please do, it’s lovely:


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June 4, 2010 at 11:58 am

numbers/the madness of running long distance

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photo taken by my awesome brother who came to support us at 6am in the morning!

My 1st Singapore marathon and 1st night marathon.

My 2nd marathon ever.

My 3rd year of distance running.

My 4th medal.

Now to ask myself – what next?

And for the record, 42.195km in 6h, 10 mins, 50 secs. Not the best timing (first time was 5h, 50 mins) but I’m pretty darn proud of myself and erfen for finishing it even though we did not manage to train – the decision to run was literally made one week before! But they always say you need a streak of madness to run long-distance! My friends, including sherms and melly ran the 10K as well! So proud of everyone!

Written by Nabilah

June 1, 2010 at 3:30 am