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the sky: historic, geographic, spatial, prolific.

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Because I needed something epic.

An incinerator designed by the artist, Hundertwasser. Vienna, Austria. September 2008.

Power lines. Bratislava, Slovakia. September 2008.

Crash. Cinque Terre, Italy. October 2008.

Looking up. Cinque Terre, Italy. October 2008.

Epic architecture. Pisa, Italy. October 2008.

Onset of dusk. Venice, Italy. October 2008.

Post-mass, post-Pope sighting. Vatican City, Italy. October 2008.

Holocaust Memorial, solo trip. Berlin, Germany. October 2008.

Falling night. Berlin, Germany. October 2008.

Ripple. Dubrovnik, Croatia. October 2008.

Almost holy. Lovcen, Montenegro. October 2008.

Still waters. Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina. October 2008.

Perfect timing. Barcelona, Spain. November 2008.

Columns. Sevilla, Spain. November 2008.

Compacted. Paris, France. December 2008.

A foggy London town. London, England. December 2008.

Suburbs. Outside Vienna, Austria. January 2009.

Casual-like. East Coast Beach, Singapore. April 2010.

Get set. Perth, Australia. July 2010.

Off the Georgetown ferry. Penang, Malaysia. December 2010.

Bustle on Bukit Bintang. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. December 2010.

The Kuta crowd. Bali, Indonesia. May 2011.

Advantageous. Skyline, Singapore. July 2011.

Sepulcher. Yogyakarta, Indonesia. December 2011.

Afternoon sky, unnamed road. Yogyakarta, Indonesia. December 2011.

Sunrise. Pasir Ris, Singapore. Early 2012.

Crater. Bandung, Indonesia. April 2012.

5am sunrise. Frankfurt, Germany. June 2012.

Summer dreaming. Kassel, Germany. June 2012.

Sunset. Pasir Ris, Singapore, June 2012.

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June 15, 2012 at 6:37 pm

rambler gambler

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Went to see the Dali exhibition at the ArtScience Museum about two weeks ago and had a pretty enjoyable time. I’m beginning to appreciate the whole Marina Bay Sands shebang a little bit more these few days, though I’m not sure at what point nonchalance turned into appreciation for the whole MBS machinery. And I mean machinery in a good way. Like you definitely need really solid systems in place for the entire place to run smoothly. I bet they could film a TV series set in the area like Las Vegas does. Especially with the Gardens by the Bay developing there. Me and erfen popped by over the weekend and we were rather awestruck. Words like “Jurassic Park” and “Avatar” and “otherwordly” were being bandied around, and not said ironically, but really meant. Worth a look! What do you think about MBS? Love it, hate it, don’t care? I definitely would love to be able to stay for a night at the hotel and have a dip in the famed infinity pool. Just one of those things, I guess.

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November 22, 2011 at 11:51 pm

big wiener

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Hello biskutians! (haha)

Pardon my infrequent posts as I find myself feeling rather unmotivated to trawl the interwebs lately, due to work-related fatigue. Oh to be a Singaporean cubicle-warrior!

Of course one could call it laziness. I won’t lie, sometimes at the end of the day I find myself just inexplicably drawn to my bed, unwilling to turn on the laptop and stare at what is invariably another version of the computer screen (read=work).

I find that I’ve taken less photos recently too, which is rather sad, because sometimes stills of my life, while seemingly fresh at the time of action, fade fast from my memory without any photographic evidence. The tablecloth in that delightful cafe where you had a sprawling lunch, becomes just a plain red instead of a rich vermillion, for example.

I’ve got to start taking photos again.

Anyways, I’ve veered from the point, which is to announce that recently I got a bit of good news. Some of you might know that I participated in the So You Think You Can Blog challenge organised by the People’s Association a few months back.

Well, I’m happy to say that I won! And I won an iPad 2 no less! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you to everyone who supported me, it really came as a surprise and no, I’m not just saying that ala winner’s of all past, present and future Ms Universes! Hehe.

Tangs everybody tangs!

Congrats to the other winners, sherms (represented by her mom!) and William. Yes, that’s Mr Yam Ah Mee! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ya’ll know I just had to! Mr Yam was so super nice! While posing for photos, he will talk to you and engage in conversation hehe!

All photos taken by erfen! ๐Ÿ™‚ (except this one of course, hehe)

PA was celebrating because they now have 1 million members! Of which I am one now. Discounts at Cold Storage woohoo!

Soo many people were out and about on that rather hot day. So much love for PA.

Yep, plenty of love going round! ๐Ÿ˜›

Thanks to PA for choosing me as well. I am not worthy! Do check out for news on the courses and workshops available at your nearest CC today!

Oh yes, and as you can see, the undercut is back! Not sure about the length so I might just have another haircut sometime soon.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all my Muslim readers! I had a rather good one with way too much good food as usual. My family goes visiting on Hari Raya Haji so it’s pretty much the same as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, but I know many others who stay home and chill as well.

Well, no matter how you spent the day, I hope it was a good one! We all have Monday off anyway so let’s make the best of it! Toffee nut latte anyone? (Yes, I am obsessed again!)

Have a great week!

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November 6, 2011 at 10:01 pm

island in the sun

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Happy Deepavali everyone! Am posting these pictures taken in Bali back in May, yeah how did six months pass by so fast?? I have no idea and now suddenly I am reminded of how old I am. Hur to the hur!

Bali was so amazing but it was way. too. short. Need to go back soon and explore Ubud next, which we didn’t have time for the last time. It was a great getaway nonetheless – we played frisbee by the beach at sunset, sat by the roadside listening to the most amazing live music (paying cover is so 2008, people!) and became a little bit obsessed with Caprisone. Isn’t it funny how they are some things which you kind of obsess over only on holidays but don’t pay much attention to when you’re back home?

How are you spending the public holiday? I’m finding myself watching Sex and the City re-runs on HBO On Demand which I recently realised that we have and eating some pb&j sandwiches. Yesterday night was spent cycling to Marina Bay Sands, we took the scenic route and I was struck (not for the first time) by how beautiful Singapore can be.

Hope you have a great day!

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October 26, 2011 at 1:16 pm

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bright lights

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Sorry for the longer-than-intended hiatus, but was in a funk for awhile and never got around to blogging, though I really wanted to!

I have missed this place a lot! Here’s to blogging more regularly!

Now, I know Hari Raya has come and gone, but thought I’d share with you photos I took on the first day of Raya. Looking back on them now, the photos make me smile and just feel really happy inside! Hope you like them too dearies!

The obligatory family shot. I love how vibrant the colours look!

I love how there are two very distinct conversations happening in this picture.

One month of fasting turns you into a kuih monster!

Candid shot.

My beautiful mom! Wish I can age looking just like her!

Behind the scenes of the mass apologising session.

My dad hehe. Gotta love a family that makes teh/kopi pit stops!

One is my purse, the one is my dad’s man purse, heheheh!

So incongruous. Love it!

Mutual grooming!

Love the colours against the backdrop of green.

Last but not least, this neon sign was actually inside someone’s house!

It’s great to be blogging again! Hello again guys and hope you didn’t forget about me!

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October 3, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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one year on

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So this is how it ends.

Mereka it’s been a pleasure to have been part of you, and like they say this is not the end of the road for us. Some of us may embark on new journeys after this, in fact, all of us will, but we do so knowing that we have been part of something bigger. Something that was so intrinsically part of us that we did not realise it.

I did not realise it till I departed the gates of the abandoned building that I still do not know the name of. A space that seemed so daunting at first, but soon became so familiar that I left it in tears. A space that, when filled with the sounds of Irfan playing the takbir on the flute, made it feel so sadly beautiful and so appropriate given that it was Mereka’s last official day being together.

Is it silly of me to say that I don’t know how to let go? Perhaps I am inexperienced in such matters. But I’d like to think that this one year has been special for all of us. There have been so many moments..happy ones, funny ones, frustrating ones, proud ones…so many others you can’t place an emotion on. Let’s hold on to them while we are out there doing great things. Because we will be out there doing great things.

Lastly, I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Tini, Asyikin, Izzaty, Mo, Hammy, Nabila T, Hafiz, Li, Ruzaini, Khalid, Ezzat, Hazwan, Bib. For all the words of encouragement, for the support, the hugs, the inside jokes, the teasing, the food, the laughter, the strength, the moments of learning. I will not forget.

A special thank you goes to the amazing Irfan who puts in so much work for us that we sometimes do not recognise. Who puts in so much of himself into us that I know part of his heart belongs to Mereka. Who lets emotions get the better of him when it comes to us simply because we reside in that part of him where emotion sits in its purest form. You have been such an integral part of this experience, so if you look back with any feelings of regret, don’t. You deserve all the credit that can be given. Thank you for leading us in this journey, and for letting us lead you as well.

Like most things, gratitude is usually only recognised at the end of things, when they are almost too late, but credit must always go where credit is due. And I have you guys to credit for what has been an amazing year for me. I almost did not make it through that door to audition for Mereka so this has been almost like a dream for me. In a Sliding Doors-type of world, I wonder how my life would be like without Mereka and I struggle to even begin to imagine… Yet now I must.

Sorry for this emo note but my heart feels so heavy that I simply had to. And I know you guys understand.

Tok: “Hati kau rasa apa?”

Doktor: “Rasa sayang.”

Tok: “Sayang…”


walk this way (SYTYCB Part 4)

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On Sunday, I joined about 85,000 other people in a nation-wide mass walking event, the One Community Walk, which was organised in various constituencies all around Singapore. Unfortunately due to my poor coordination skillz, I did not manage to arrange to walk together with Sherms though we live nearby! I guess it shows you just how many Community Clubs there are in Singapore! (more than 100!)

So I was poking around the PA website and learnt that the Outward Bound Schools are part of PA! Did you know that? I didn’t! Also, the Old Kallang Airport which was used for the recent Singapore Biennale was once the headquarters for PA.

Back to the mass walking event. I was surprised to see a sizeable crowd already gathering by the time I reached (late, but hey it was 7.30am on a Sunday!) and the walk started soon after. It was rather heartening to see many seniors participating in the event, which would require them to walk about 2 to 3 kilometres around their neighbourhoods.

I noticed that while walking, there were a few moments when I’d catch one of the participants interact with a passerby who was just returning from the market, or an elderly man on a bicycle stopping to let the crowd past. It reminded me of the good old kampong spirit that people my parents age always lament that they miss in the Singapore of today. Sadly, these glimpses have been rather fleeting lately, but at least we can still hold on the precious few that still prevail in this day and age!

But I digress of course. Although I didn’t manage to stay for the entire walk (had to run off for rehearsals), I managed to take a few shots of the participants.


Hands up if you ever wore a cool bonnet like the one the little girl is rocking!

Leopard print pants for a community walk = FTW!

Backpacks. Because grandmas were the original hipsters, yo!

The juxtaposition of motorcycle, bicycle, human and green man is just too beautiful for words.

I call this one “The Bends”.

This one still wanted her bed, me thinks.

Bonnet girl, you’re back!ย  Kids, you just gotta love them.

The helpful volunteers.

“There are but many roads to Rome, my friend.”

To find out more about other such events or courses available at the CCs, do check out PAโ€™s new portal, The portal is super easy to use and you can search forย  based on categories or by CC. You can also recommend it to your friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, I’m sure there is something out there for everyone to enjoy.

This entry is made as part of the So You Think You Can Blog challenge organised by the Peopleโ€™s Association. 6 bloggers, including me, are in this challenge and stand to win an Apple iPad for blogging about our adventures at courses and events organised by PA. I would be SUPER GRATEFUL if you could support me by leaving a comment, which earns me one point per person.

Do also support Sherms who tried her hand at making sushi recently! ๐Ÿ™‚