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The weather has been absolutely insufferable these past few days, hasn’t it? Days like this make me think of spending a lazy, languid day by the beach, enjoying a paddlepop and maybe a tall glass of lemonade. Legs crossed, almost fully but not quite firmly pressed against a picnic mat laid haphazardly in a prime location, toes happily touching sand. Why is it that the sun is only bearable when one is near the beach? Is it because one is immersed fully in the moment, worries and cares left behind with the mainland? Or the negative ions hanging deeply in the air, in your hair, asking your soul out for a whirl? Or is it that you are near the sea, the constant sea, which comes and goes with the weight of the moon, full of secrets buried deep? When you were young, did you build sandcastles with plastic buckets, filling and emptying, patting and perfecting? Did you build a moat to keep the dragons at bay (with a bridge reserved for a select few)? Did you draw your name in the sand and watch as a wave erased it hastily like a petulant lover would? Or did you stand and bravely wait as the wave came for you? The water evaporates, but the salt, it lingers for a while longer.

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April 19, 2011 at 9:41 pm

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its something like bleargh

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There is a sense of “I am in a box”.

The randomness, as a rule, follows no pattern known to man (or cat). It is there from the first thought: thoughts of breakfast and the curious tactility of the snooze button; silently reading tweets marked #prayforjapan and feeling guilty about being here where we should thank our lucky stars, yes all 5 of them; to getting a seat in the train on a Monday because it’s the school holidays (exit through the world’s number one airport); thoughts of “oh-God-I-need-coffee but I also need to check Instagram I just need to because who knows if people are liking my photos without me knowing”; composing WhatsApp messages with emoticons intentionally curated so that you don’t come off like some robot circa Isaac Asimov; reading the paper and feeling angry and thinking thoughts somewhat-slightly-quasi political in nature and then getting that paranoid android feeling like even your mind might have some CCTV-like thing so you better stop thinking, better to write them instead and pass them off as art, because lately it seems like that’s the safest place to say dangerous things, with permission of course (of course); conversations about dinner – anywhere is good, and yes no pork no lard is okay with me -; and to round it off, tie all the loose ends: think of your day and whether this has/has not (delete where appropriate) been a blip in your very short existence.

Why yes, it is that sort of Monday. How did you know?

ps: Here’s a link to the Singapore Red Cross, if you are in a position to help.

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March 14, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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A: We’re here, we’re here! Are you ready? Tadaaa!

B: Wow, it’s bigger than I imagined.

A: Nice right?

B: Needs a lot of work though.

A: What do you mean? You don’t like it?

B:  Well, not that I don’t like it per se, just that I thought it’d be different, I guess.

A: Different?

B: Yeah, different. Not the same, you know. It should lack that sense of… sameness.

A: (quiet)

B: Why, did I say something wrong?

A: No… Well… I don’t know. You seemed all excited when I first told you about it. Said it was a revolution and all that. An end to all that oppressive… angles that we’ve been subjected to all these years.

B: Yes, I remember. I was really excited about it. Circles, who would’ve thought? I guess it is rather… beautiful.

A: Isn’t it? Oh, I knew you’d come around! Now, I know it’s not perfect. It wasn’t easy to make you know. Why, I didn’t even know how to start at first! I tried asking the Elders, but they waved me away and acted as if I had asked them something absurd, like… like… gravity or something! I even went to the library and took a peek at the Great Book, but it was all lines and gibberish to me. Nothing about perfect circles. Not even under the letter “C” or even “P”, nothing at all.

B: Oh… I didn’t know you put so much work into it. I’m sorry I was harsh before. It’s just that, I guess I never saw anything like it before so I was… scared I guess. We’re so used to angles around here you know.

A: I know. Boy, don’t I know it. Triangles, rectangles, right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles…I remember the lines very well. Why, I bet they’re drilling it into babies who aren’t even born yet! Imagine, them still in their mother’s wombs, singing that stupid song!

B: You mustn’t say things like that. Anyway, I take back what I said. I love it. It’s beautiful. Just like you. Hey…hey…

A: What?

B: Has anyone ever told you that you’re acute?

A: Haha. Don’t start you’re cheesy lines on me…I’m serious now. I think we’re ready for a change. Yup, I’m ready for circles.

B: Aren’t you scared though?

A: Yes…No. I guess…I don’t know. I don’t know. But circles can’t be that bad right? I mean, they never end do they?

B: Yeah, they don’t. But I guess you can’t always ask for nice endings.


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March 13, 2011 at 10:27 pm

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cats are nature’s alarm clocks

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Hey all, how’s February been going for you?

I’m loving it so far because I’ve started running regularly again to train for this, am incorporating green smoothies into my diet and I’m rehearsing like mad for my upcoming play, which I’ll blog about soon.

Have been up and about these past week, more so than usual. Even going to Orchard is a major event for me because I usually can’t be bothered to travel all the way to town. City Hall is usually the extent of my comfort zone, starting from my neighbourhood in the East, of course. Speaking of comfort zone, me and erfen spent a whole day in the West after catching the CSI exhibition at the Science Centre. So yeah, Jurong East, Orchard, we’re going places, baby!

On another note, I’m thrilled to finally announce that I will be writing on CozyCot on a monthly basis for the rest of the year! For February, the theme is on home decor for the new year, do give it a read if you haven’t already! (:

And now, to recent outfit shots…just because!

At Trans-cool TOKYO at SAM. I maintain that my messy hair was part of the look!

Red jeans, converse = comfort clothes. Outside the Science Centre for CSI.

Supporting the lovely Liy of Dear Sophea at Scape Park. My dress is from Dear Sophea, REPRESENT! That’s the little miss shopkeeper herself! Ain’t she cute?

On a separate note, my friend Ilyana of Teanoir is holding a great giveaway on her blog, and I just love the entries she’s getting, people are leaving really awesome comments! Do check it out here.

With that, I bid you good morrow (and give you a virtual curtsy)!



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February 9, 2011 at 10:23 pm